Rental of Children's Books & Toys

Hello & Welcome. I am Dion Khoo, the founder of Baby Box.

This is a new and exciting concept which gives parents a great opportunity to provide their children with access to a vast collection of children's books and toys without the heavy costs associated with buying those items.
You can now browse our website together with your beloved children from the comfort of your home and make selections from our extensive variety of books and toys conveniently divided into categories to help you find the topic you are after.

Once you have found the desired collections, you can simply order them online and we will take care of delivering them right to your door.

Not only that, but we have experienced story tellers on board who will be able to presonally read the story books to your children uopn delivery and collection.

You can then keep the books and toys for a whole week and let your children have an enjoyable exploring their beloved topics!

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